Our Vision

The foundation of 220km inc.

Our Vision

Triple Bottom Line

At 220KM we have adopted a triple bottom line framework that is the foundation of the company.  The triple bottom line framework consists of the following focus, People, Planet and finally Profit.



First and foremost our people are the heartbeat of 220km inc.  They are the individuals that possess the qualities that allow for exponential growth.  We find that in order to nurture the landscapes on which we grow we must first nurture the people that are leading the charge for us. Giving our people the freedom to explore their personal development using their own skills along with the education provided within our ever learning environment, we hope to be a part of the personal and professional development with each and every individual who works and/or interacts with 220km in any capacity.


The planet is our second major focus using our regenerative living framework on how, what and why we grow.  For centuries the earth has been used for farming and growing in order to nourish the population.  With 220km we hope to show that by adopting regenerative growing principles to the land in order to connect nature back to itself, the world will benefit greatly. Utilizing these practices along with our strong scientific background to prove our hypothesis in order to be at the forefront of the sustainable charge for the preservation of our land for future generations.



The profit that will be gained from the efforts of 220km is two fold.  The most important offerings that we can provide to the community would be the overall data collected within our studied ecosystems.  Our data potentially holds the power of change. By proving through scientific data gathered that regenerative practices are the answer to greater nutrient gains in our food, better soil on our land and more effective farming practices, we hope to insight change within the farming community to larger organizations to improve their practices .  

The second form of profit for 220km would be the extracted essential oils.  Using our scientific knowledge we will be studying the effects of our efforts on plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables by extracting the oils through distillation.  The oils extracted from these items will be another revenue source for 220km as well as the medicinal values carried by these plant and the gained nutrients provided by nature in a regenerative landscape.