220KM Scientific Data Findings



Our essential oil isolation/extraction facility will be in Toronto, Ontario. Rather than the traditional extraction methods (solvent extraction, CO2 extraction, etc.), 220KM Inc. will use a Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity (MHG) process to avoid the use of solvents or water and maintain 220KM Inc.’s core values. Previously unused for these plants, this process is a new technology to this local industry, and we want to assess its ease of use and its potential to be used in different regions. The goal is to expand our production and be able to equip micro-growers with technology to extract on the spot to capture the best quality and unique essential oils of their lands.

220KM Inc. will be implementing the quality and traceability standards of the electronics industry and incorporating them into the agriculture sector. As well as GC-MS testing, we will also be using a VGA-100 universal detector for better characterization of labile and low mass compounds as well as differentiating between cis and trans isomers. Our goal is to use this additional data to share with other institutions also developing uses for the data. Our ship to control approach will not only allow comparison of oils from different ecoregions, different years, and the use of different companion plants, consumers will also be able to find exactly where their essential oil came from.

From our program of diversified native planting we will develop a series of models for landowners. In collaboration with them, through native plant growing and the extraction of the essential oils, we will demonstrate the ability for the properties to generate revenue.

We want to develop localized micro-extraction protocols to support micro-batches of essential oils. We want to study the quality of essential oils that will be produced by plants specifically in their environments. Their properties and use hypothesizes to be different depending on the environment and the surrounding plants. This means there is potential that they can be utilized in different ways with variable taste profiles, medicinal and therapeutic properties.