Serving our planet

Our Research

The objective of 220Km Inc. is to collect and analyze data from a program of diversified native planting in various ecoregions.

220KM Inc.’s initial scope will look at ecoregions of Ontario, specifically the Carolinian urban forestry system and the Oak Ridge Moraine rural forestry system.

What we are growing & studying

  • The active carbon in the soil (done twice a year – spring and late fall).
  • The active microbial biomass in the soil.
  • Monitor the wildlife levels on these properties over a period of five to ten years.
  • Discover the ecological conditions required to protect rare, vulnerable, threatened, and endangered plants and trees.
  • Look at how to protect the genetic diversity of various species by growing them in spaced plots within an ecosystem as well as multiple and diversified ecosystems.
  • Understand the ecological requirements needed for the reproduction of native plants and trees, their survival and growth.
  • Develop regenerative harvesting and propagation methods for plants.