Our SilkStone™ process can maximize the retained functional nutrient profile and properties of
raw ingredients (including oils and fibre). Opening new opportunities to industries looking to create
products that truly harness the chemical powers of nature with a zero-waste framework.


SilkStone is specifically designed for companies committed to delivering exceptional quality and nutritional value. Wether your focus is on dietary supplements, food product or health and wellness, SilkStone provides potent and versatile ingredient powders that will set your products apart in the competitive market.

NOT Your Typical Milled Ingredients:

  • Temperature controlled
  • Lab Tested For Nutrient Analysis
  • Ultra-Fine Particle Size
  • No Chemicals or Additives
  • Zero-Waste Framework for Minimal Product Loss


Using SilkStone™ to process small-batch ingredients, our goal is to provide companies that use seeds, nuts, plants, and legumes in their products with ultra-fine, healthier, and more functional ingredient powders.

Our powders have been gently reduced to an ultra-fine particle size without the use of chemicals or additives with complete temperature control to ensure nutrients are not damaged by heat.  

SilkStone™ + FLAXSEED (Case Study)

SilkStone™ has made a significant impact on Flaxseed powder processing. Below is our presentation that provides further details.


Here’s how SilkStone™ can help breweries brew richer and more flavourful brews.

We Are 220KM Inc.

A pioneering tech company focused on revolutionizing the natural ingredient field. Our patent (pending) processing method, SilkStone™, differentiates us from traditional ingredient development. Whether you work with coffee beans, nuts, roots, legumes, plants, flowers, mushrooms, fruits, or vegetables, our system transforms raw materials into versatile, consumable powders for multiple industries including; food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Regenerating Ecosystems

Using a portion of profits 220KM Inc. will be taking steps to analyze ecosystems within our community to monitor the impact of biodiversity practices and the seasonal benefits of native flora, fauna and biota. View Our Current Ecosystems

Elevate your ingredients

Discover how SilkStone™ and 220KM Inc. can maximize the full
potential of your ingredients.


We’re committed to sustainable processing and provide solutions to achieve zero biomass waste upon ingredient powder completion.

Shared Development

There is no need to halt your processing plant for research and development. 220KM Inc. will collaborate with you to develop your own desired ingredients in our own state-of-the-art facility.

Full Support

From technical support to testing and ingredient development, our team will work with you to discover the true potential of your ingredients so that you can offer the highest quality products.

Discover the true value of SilkStone™ Technology
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